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Community Gatherings

On the third Saturday of every month our community meets together to celebrate the movement of God among us. This is a great time to connect together as a family through worship and fellowship. All gatherings are held at Camp Knifley unless otherwise noted.

There will be no gathering in April due to upcoming walks in April.


2023 Walk dates

Men's Walk #119 - April 13-16, 2023 - Ben Netherland, Lay Director

Women's Walk #120 - April 20-23, 2023 - Andrea Bradshaw, Lay Director

Men's Walk #121 - September 21-24, 2023

Women's Walk #122 - October 12-15, 2023

Women's Walk #123 - October 26-29, 2023

Special service will be held at Campbellsville Baptist Church at 7:30 p.m.

Send off at Camp Knifley

The Walks will begin Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m. (EST).

The Closings will begin approximately at 4:30 p.m. (EST) on Sunday at Camp Knifley.

Men's Walk #119

Scott Akin

Kenny Armagost

Arthur Baetzel

Steven Bowles

Gary Buckner

Bobby Cornelison

Steve Croghan

Kelron Decoteau

Rob Deering

Greg Dennison

Ethan Edwards

Brandon Hovious

Richard Knopp

Richie Knopp

Nathan Lawson

Chris Mann

Hunter Matney

Michael May

John Peace

Junior Queen

Brandon Rainwater

Jacob Rainwater

Corey Rutledge

Brad Sullivan

Derek Taylor

Louis (Lou) Turner

Johnny Yates

Women's Walk #120

Abbie Bays

Sarah Bowles

Lisa Bradshaw

Bonnie Clark

Shannon Clark

Jessica Cooper

Marie Cooper

Jamie Dennison

Jamie Edelen

Suzie Farris

Connie Godbey

Heather Gordon

Chloe Gupton

Jennifer Hovious

Sharon Irizarry

Rhonda Knight

Theresa Lamar

Ali Lawson

Tammy Lawson

Wanda Lawson

Rachael Matney

Mackenzie Miller

Mia Moore

Brooklyn McCubbin

Jacquelyn Murphy

Sonya Orberson

Annie Parnell

Meranda Quinn

Heather Rayburn

Shannon Richardson

Katelyn Rutledge

Patricia Simms

Lauren Summers

Heather Sullivan

Mary Underwood

Sarah Underwood

Shellvonia Watson

Chrysalis Flight #45

Chrysalis Flight #46

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